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A sweet, very well illustrated children's story. What started as persistent requests from Benjie to his    parents turned out to be a depiction of generosity      and caring.

-Eileen S.


The best children's books are fun for adults to read too. Anything For Bananas! doesn't talk down to kids, and you don't have to be a kid to enjoy it! As for the gorgeous illustrations, they could stand alone as works of art. The longer you look, the more you see!

-Matt M.

Anything For Bananas! is a beautifully illustrated and whimsically poetic book for young readers and little listeners. The rhyming throughout the story provides an engaging and enjoyable experience. Benjie's exciting vacation across the ocean and return home will not only delight readers but will surprise them at the end with a heartfelt act of kindness. It will leave the reader using their imagination of what's in store for the future of Benjie and his new friend. A must read!

-Noreen C.

I was impressed by how Anything For Bananas! and its vivid illustrations spoke to me and would do so for youngsters. I like that it has an international orientation - introducing the young reader to Brazil and the city of Rio and it does so poetically, flowing easily from page to page. The generosity of the young boy and his love for parrots also shines through. So on many levels this is a good, entertaining and educational book for kids and the first chance I get, I’ll be buying copies for my grandchildren. 

-Mike R.

Anything For Bananas! is not what you would think when just reading the title alone. Benjamin White’s journey is artfully told through colorful illustrations and rhyme time words that make this children’s book such a delight to read. The colors are carefully crafted to highlight the history and culture that are so masterfully incorporated into Benjie’s adventure through Brazil and back to the United States-- all in the search for authentic Portuguese speaking, banana loving parrots!

-Susan D.

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