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Nora in front of her favorite Cape Cod beach


Nora Antoun Hakim (1921-2011) was an avid world traveler and storyteller ahead of her time. She ventured to many far-off  lands including the Middle East, Europe, China, Brazil and throughout the United States.

Collecting remembrances and journaling her memories fueled her life-long love of travel. As a girl, she traveled to Brazil and experienced the excitement of an ocean liner cruise and exploring the enchanting cities of San Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. This exotic backdrop moved her to write about her South American travels and pen the children's travel adventure book Anything For Bananas!

Her book manuscript remained lost for several years and was recently found and published. You'll enjoy reading this new and notable adventure in rhyme while you follow Benjie in his quest to bring back the most precious of pet souvenirs !

book sample2.png

Why is Benjie running through the streets of Rio?

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